Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roller Derby, I'm Taking my Life Back

My boyfriend and I saw this jacket on Parisian Gentleman the other day, which prompted his question, "Remember when you used to make clothes?" To which I replied a very sad and deflated "Yes. I'm gonna start sewing again, but I'm just so busy with roller derby." There it is. The excuse for not sewing. Roller derby. I love playing roller derby, I have so much fun doing it, but I also love sewing, and I want cool jackets like this one, and I want to finish all the designs I have in my head, and I want to blog more, and I want to create more sewing tutorials. That is not going to happen if I devote all of my time to roller derby, which is what I feel like has happened.

I've decided to scale back my roller derby time. Normally, I would practice most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Now I am just going to practice on Monday and Thursday, which gives me an extra night during the week to spend sewing or blogging. I've debated for some time about trying out for the all-star team, but they practice on Wednesday nights, which would just add another day back in. I also forgot to mention that I am captain of my team, The Swarm (updated photos coming soon)! So now I am thinking about roller derby all the time: plays, drills, uniforms, rules, what to coach during practice, attendance policy, watching footage. . . I need to dedicate "roller derby thinking days" as well, because I can get sucked in to looking up all things roller derby on the internet, and before you know it, there went an entire evening. "Roller derby thinking days" shall also fall on practice days.

Ok, roller derby two times per week, done. Now what about my sewing classes? I am only teaching one class on Tuesday mornings, which is fine, but that is also one of my days off of work. The class is over in five more weeks, and I am going to put teaching on hold for a while.

So, in five weeks, I'll have a lot more time to play around with. Less derby and no sewing classes. More time to sew cute things out of my current stash of dress/shirt fabric:

I am not allowed to buy any more new fabric until I have made something out of every one of these fabrics, with one exception that I have been eying at the fabric store for months, I just haven't bought it yet. I'll post a picture of it when I buy it.

This is my suiting stash that I hope to get under way after I have completed several dresses/shirts from the fabric above.

I also have bolts of fabric that I am going to sell by the yard. They will be priced at $4-$5 per yard, so be ready for that stuff soon.

No more excuses, my friends.