Sunday, May 20, 2012


I has occurred to me that I don't really look like this anymore:
I had this haircut for about 5 years

Or like this:
Halloween 2010 I shaved all my hair off

 I spent a brief time looking like this:
September 2011 haircut

And this is my current state:
Not really sure what to do with my hair

But most often, I look like this:
Usually these glasses, and my hair in a bandana

After I shaved my head bald for Halloween, I decided that I would grow my hair out just for fun. And let me tell you, it has NOT been fun. I've had a few weird lengths (currently in one), most of the time I am wearing a helmet (either practicing roller derby or riding my bike) which can really ruin a hairdo, and, honestly, I just don't know what to do with this shit. It blows in the wind, it needs to be brushed, blow dried, curled, straightened, bleh. So why am I continuing this farce? For a very stupid reason really: another Halloween costume.

Come October I hope to look like this:

I've got the glasses, and I'll make the costume, I just need another couple of inches to achieve this look which I'll hopefully have by October. Man my hair grows so slowly. In 18 months, I can only boast 7" of hair. Geez.


Anonymous said...

Ha, cool! I can't wait to see the costume you come up with, and you're really devoted to it if you're going through the 'grow-out' pains instead of buying a wig :)
After halloween do you think you'll cut your hair really short again?

caracolina said...

Awesome! I just stumbled upon your blog and have to put it into my RSS read for the express purpose of watching you turn into my favorite Incredibles character. OK, also because I like reading about sewing and stuff.

lsaspacey said...

Cool costume! I never noticed her clothes before, just how she's a mixture of Edith Head and Linda Hunt. However, her skirt looks a bit like the Guggenheim museum and I guess the sleeves could be compared to a Frank Gehry design. Can't wait to see what you come up with!