Friday, May 18, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

Mikey and I have moved into a new studio space (same warehouse). Mikey is going to be doing some work for his boss in our studio, so we got a bigger space to accommodate his boss's things as well.

This is my current (temporary) setup:

We are still waiting till we get everything in the space before we rearrange, but you can be sure that it will be as cute, if not a bit more workable than my last space.

 I've decided to get rid of this piece of furniture:

While it looks nice and all during openings, it became a thing for me to pile crap on, and it looked messy most of the time. I think having two tables will suit my needs better.

I am going to paint the walls as well, but I am over the green. Some black and white striped walls, perhaps?

Readers, what do your sewing spaces look like? What does your dream space look like?

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ClemsonJoy said...

You've probably already painted by now... BUT... if not I recommend stripes with stencil overlays. You can do the black/white stripes then stencils on one of the colors. It looks amazing if you do it in a paint hue just slightly off the main color, in a high gloss. I can't find any examples now.. SIGH. but it looks awesome ^_^