Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sofa and Surgery

Last night I came really close to finishing that sofa. I still have to sew the buttons on. My needle isn't long enough to fit through the bottom cushions but this is what it will kind of look like:

The back cushion is no good. It it just stuffed right now, but I think I'll change that to foam so it will be rigid like the bottom cushions. Maybe it will look better with more stuffing and buttons but I am not sure. If I have time this morning I'll sew a few on to see. This is what it looks like now without buttons all lumpy and saggy:

Unfortunately finishing this will have to wait for a little while because I am having surgery today! At least I can still sit in it though.

For the next couple months my post are going to be quite infrequent if not at all because I will be recovering and not doing a lot of sewing. I do have a bunch of pictures to edit for this re-upholstery project with a few tips on what I learned so I will be posting about that. I will be posting quite frequently on my other blog dedicated to my bunion surgery recovery: MY ACHING KNOBS. I will have nothing but time for the next two months so any emails or questions are welcome. I still get so many from my petticoat tutorial with pictures of the petticoats that everyone made and I love seeing them.

See you later!