Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sartorial feminism

Well, a bout of laziness struck me the day after the fashion show which was on May 13th, and ended about a week later when I started undertaking this beast:

I took a bunch of staples out, then caught a nasty cold, then took some more staples out, then got all the models together again to take some photos. And last night I finally removed the very last god damned staple from this thing. (I will be posting about this project since I will actually have the time to do so.) Meanwhile, Mikey started editing some of the photos he took. He still has a bunch of individuals to edit, and he still has to upload the video of the fashion show, but here are a couple group shots just to let you guys know that I did finish.

More to come.


Caroline C. said...

Wow, what an awesome collection. I love your models and that they're all wearing the same style of shoes! Nice touch. I love the concept - the blending of the masculine and feminine styles which you have been exploring.

Shelby Gubba said...

Hey I know that pretty lady Jacqueline! How sleek everything looks! By the way, we'll be living on the same street soon - we bought a house over by your place. :)

Marissa Feliciano said...

I came upon your site via a friend's post in google reader. I love your style! I want to wear that first dress, I really want it! haha

I also love the men's clothing tailored for women. I always want to wear suspenders but never seem to be able to make it work. It's so cool to see your collection. :)

MateaTPol said...

oh i love that white dress! so vintage!

Ann said...

Nice style. That white dress is lovely!

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