Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pattern making all day long. . .

. . . For almost a whole week.

Monday I finalized all of my designs: I've got a full skirted cotton dress; a short full wool skirt, with button up shirt, vest, and tie; a pencil skirt with a peplum jacket; a high waisted pencil skirt with a button up shirt and tie; shorts with a button up shirt, suspenders, and bow tie; and a 3 piece pants suit complete with button up shirt and tie.

From Tuesday till this evening, with the exception of the ties and suspenders, I made all of those patterns, sewed them into sample garments, and fitted all but one of my models. Man, I'm pooped. But overall, the fittings went pretty well. I did have some adjusting to do, and now I have to do a few more fittings based on those adjustments. All of these adjustments were made possible with this book:

And I must say it is pretty dang good. It helped me a lot, especially with two of my models who had narrow backs.

Gentlemen beware this book is primarily for women's clothing, although I am sure some of the same techniques could be applied to the man's pattern, just maybe not how to eliminate the bust dart.

My one problem with this book is that it skates by a few complicated situations by choosing some fairly simple patterns, but I only found that in one case so far.

And it is inexpensive. Only 9 bucks over there at amazon.

Well tomorrow is my last pattern making/adjusting day (I hope) and then I'll start sewing these shirts.

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