Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hold that Thought

One of my former teachers from Mesa College asked me if I would like to be the alumni designer featured in this year's fashion show. I debated for a few minutes whether or not to say yes because I want to get these suits going (and I am off to a good start), and since I'd want to do all new pieces, which requires fabric, I would have to sacrifice some of my knobs money. But, what the hell, I said yes. Good thing too, because this may be my last chance to be featured since the teacher who asked me is going to be retiring this year.

The show is on May 13th, which gives me two solid months to work on at least 6 new pieces. This will be good for me as I haven't had a deadline for anything in a few months, and it has made me a bit lazy.

But what to show? I am in this transitional period in my designing: taking a break from pouffy dresses, and moving to menswear inspired suits. For this collection I've decided to marry these two ideas, my two loves, into one look. It will be feminine petticoatiness, combined with masculine sartorialness: Pouffy skirts, peak lapels, high heels, french cuffs, and bow ties.

I guess I will have to put this suit project on hold for the time being.


Sonia said...

That sounds amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

junespoon said...

that sounds like my dream collection...really looking forward to see what you make.