Monday, February 7, 2011

Nice Feet. Very Bunionesque

I have mentioned my knobs in a few previous posts, but come August, I won't mention them again. At least not in the present tense, because I am getting them chopped off! I got back on my parents' insurance for one year, and thought I should go see a podiatrist about these bunions before the year is out, so I had an appointment on Friday. And well, I've got knobs. Four of them. Bad ones. I've always been really self-conscious about my feet, but here they are:

They are 4" from knob to knob. On my left foot, the angle between 5th metatarsal and the 4th is about 18º. Normal is about 7º. My podiatrist said that was exceptionally large, and that these are some of the worst he has seen. Aw man. (I can't remember what the angle is between the 1st and 2nd.)

My main reason for going were my tailor bunions, which are bunions that form on the pinkie toe joint. They were named "tailor" bunions centuries ago, because tailors sat cross-legged all day with the outside edge of their feet rubbing on the ground. This constant rubbing led to a painful bump at the base of the little toe. They are much less common than bunions on the big toe joint, but it is only fitting that I got the tailor bunions huh? Well anyway, went to the podiatrist for my little knobs, and found out that I have big toe knobs too. Only they aren't as bad, but of course bad enough to need surgery.

When I go in for surgery in August, I will be getting a bunionectomy on all four knobs, which is just shaving down that big bump that has formed on the joint. And I am also going to get an osteotomy on all four of them as well, which is where they cut the metatarsal bone to re-align it. I will have be off my feet completely for a few days, then I can do minimal walking. But I won't be fully healed for about 2 months. Yikes. I'm gonna miss a lot of work, so I am saving up starting now.

I realize that I'm gonna have to change my shoe wearing habits. Well I have changed them already because my feet will only fit into my crappy dirty work shoes. But back when my knobs were just wee little things, I would stuff them into my cute red pumps, not really thinking I would regret it later on. But after this surgery I will have to keep my heel wearing to a minimum. So I've prepared a new, more casual look for myself post-surgery:

First I bought these, the Bass Enfield:

I bought them a couple months ago in wide, thinking that extra space in the toe box would accommodate my knobs, but alas I was wrong. They are still too narrow. Post surgery I hope they will be just fine.

And it would be really cool if I could fit into these, the Bass Breck:

Which are the shoes I really wanted, but weren't offered in wide. If they are still available in my size after my surgery maybe I'll buy them and see if they fit.

I also bought another pair of my old stand by: PF Flyers. Although not my usual red ones because these were just too cool:

Second, I've started on some clothes that will go with these shoes quite nicely: Suits. Man. I've always loved suits. Three piece suits in bold plaids, with polka dot bow ties, and striped shirts. . .

So far I have most of the pattern making done. I still have to tweak the pants pattern a bit, but I'm almost there. The pants were the hardest thing to fit, so when I get back to the studio, I'll take a few pictures of the pattern making/fitting process I went through.

I admit I have been a bit lazy about going to the studio lately, mostly because I have been trying to cook. I've tried few meals, and either I really suck at picking recipes, or pairing foods together, or just the actual cooking process in general, because I have not been happy with them. I have made a few good bean soups though, so I will keep that up, but other than that I've adopted a mostly raw diet: all chopping and no cooking, that's more my style.


Anonymous said...

damn, that really sucks. your poor feet! i know it's forevs in advance, but i hope your surgery goes well!! i think it's really awesome that you are already planning new outfits to wear around your new shoes that will go with your new feet :) suits are great anyway, but i have a feeling yours are going to be super ace :D

Gry said...

Thanks for blogging about your feets :-) I think it was one of your old posts about your knobs that made me realise that I also had knobs. I have always had very broad feets and had a feeling that they were getting broader, but for a long while I didn't realise that it was because of tailor bunions. Mine are not quite as bad as yours, but given that my feets were broad to start with, it is almost impossible to find shoes that don't squeze my poor little toes.
I have read that there is a large genetic element in bunions - I have worn extremely sensible, flat, broad shoes, but have bunions nevertheless.
Good luck with the surgery.

Allison said...

for the cooking -- have you tried Mark Bittman's "How to cook everything" or "how to cook everything vegetarian"? they are amazing, and well worth it.

also much luck with you feet! I have fallen arches, rolled ankles, etc. so while its not quite the same, I feel for you.

practicalgirl said...

good luck with your surgery...on the bright side, you get new shoes! i've got bunions too and my feet are usually in nothing but pumas.

Shelby Gubba said...

KNOBS!!! Ouch! Those look so painful (and much bigger than I remember, so they must have grown). I'm so glad that you get to jump on your parents insurance for a year and get that taken care of, phew!

Sugardale said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'll need all that I can get.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting about this. I actually realized I had tailor's bunions about a year ago. I was a hairstylist for a number of years and wore four inch pumps everyday. As I got older it got more painful to wear pumps and I thought that was because I was losing muscle mass, or getting old. It wasn't until I got a really ill-fitting pair of shoes that I realized that the nubs were abnormal. They hurt everyday and it was so bad that I couldn't heal enough overnight so that I could work in the shoes again the next day.

Anyways, it's nice to know what the process is like. Mine are nearly as big as yours, so I am sure it will be an ordeal by the time I am able to afford getting rid of them. Thanks very much for being brave enough to show your feet. It makes it less scary for the rest of us.