Monday, November 1, 2010


Sometimes I'll start a post with no real idea about organization in mind, and it ends up being about 14 paragraphs long, is constantly repeating itself, and has no good place to insert pictures, so I save it to be edited later. Then something else happens and I want to blog about that, and the previous post gets pushed back. So it happens with this very post. I started one the other day about the costuming for two plays I just finished, but then Halloween came along, and now I want to blog about that, and the costumes I put together for it.

Yes costumes, plural. I was more than one thing this year, perhaps because I haven't had a Halloween costume in about 6 years. I've always wanted to be Max Fischer from Rushmore for Halloween, but by the time it rolls around I don't have the time to make the suit I want to, so I just end up being nothing. So I decided to make up for it with two costumes this year.

I am a Lost fan, and in particular a John Locke fan, and that is who I was for Halloween. For those of you who aren't Lost fans, this is what John Locke looks like:

He's handsome, wears cargo pants, boots, and various drab colored T-shirts, and always has his knife for hunting boar, cutting fish, or just throwing it at trees. He has a faint scar above and below his right eye, and he is most obviously bald. I have a need for authenticity when it comes to costumes, so:

I thrifted the clothes, got the knife at an army surplus, Mikey did the scar with scar wax, and I shaved my head bald. I wore the costume to my friend's where we go every year to eat some food and carve pumpkins.

I also had to work on Halloween, and I wanted to dress up for that as well, but I knew that nobody would get my John Locke costume, especially since most of my friends from the party, who are also Lost fans, didn't guess who I was on the first try. Instead of being asked if I was G.I. Jane all day at work, I went as THX 1138, so either people would get it or wouldn't.

THX 1138 is a character from George Lucas's first feature film titled THX 1138. Watch the trailer here. Then check out my costume (I made this one):

Mikey made the badge:

About 30% of customers knew who I was, which was more than I had expected, so I think my costume was a success.

You can see all the photos we took on my Flickr page.


lsaspacey said...

You could also have been mistaken for the Persis Khambata character from the first Star Trek movie if you had added Vulcan ears!

I thought your Locke was amazing!

practicalgirl said...

i love that you were able to use your shaved head for two costumes! very resourceful.

Gabriella said...

Wow! Awesome costumes. I love your THX1138 especially!

Olly said...

Fantastic costumes and you look cute too. Thumbs up for the bald head!