Monday, September 20, 2010

Breathless and Blue

The last couple of dresses that I have made, something about them just didn't work out. The dress that I just finished started off as one of those (eek!):

but was fixed before I got all the way with it. I bought this fabric and instantly thought of Jean Seberg in Breathless, and decided to make a dress similar--big collar, little sleeves, buttons down front. . .

Well when I got the top semi-done (it wasn't attached to the skirt, didn't have buttons, or lining) it was just eh. When I looked at the dress from the bottom up, by the time I got all they way to that cute collar, I was bored with the stripes. I scratched that idea and made the strapless design instead.

Now, the problem with strapless designs, is they have to contour to your body, so I used princess seams, but the problem with princess seams and stripes is that they won't match up all the way across the bodice. Example:

The top two stripes line up, but the next two don't, and that really bothers me. The solution:

Add a sash! This sash is sewn into the side seams and wraps around front and ties in the back.

Another challenge with strapless designs is boning. This was my first time ever using the stuff, and it was a lot easier that I had imagined. If you want some good advice on boning, talk to Gertie, she's got it all figured out.

Oh and a look at the back: