Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things Past, Things Present, and Things to Come


I made a cute striped dress for the Glashaus show that will be on Saturday 9/4. I don't know how I managed to finish this thing, but I did. A little glimpse:


I am still working on those commissions. (One of the women lives in Irvine so we can only meet so often, and it was a tough time finding fabric for the suit for the other.)

I got an interning gig with a theatre company and I am currently costuming their next show. Even though the wardrobe is going to be entirely thrifted (due to budget and time), I have had a really fun time working on it. It gives me an inside look to the costume design world, and so far I like it.


Open studios at the Glashaus on Saturday:

I've got another tutorial coming. And I'll just say that it involves my favorite pockets.

After the tutorial, I will be giving up dresses. I have a bunch of wool laying around my studio and I am going to put it to use. Inspiration: Men's suits from the 1930's of course!

Each of these things deserves its own post, so I'll put that in the (near) future category.

See you guys at the Glashaus on Saturday, and if not, I'll show you more of that little dress I made next week. . .


practicalgirl said...

can't wait to see a full view of the striped dress- the bodice is super cute!

HR said...

Giving up dresses forever???? O: nooooo

Also, the stripped dress is so awesome. What pattern did you use? Or method?


Sugardale said...

Oh no way, not forever. Probably just for the rest of the year. I've got some suits to make, and I still need to cover a sofa we bought.

I drafted my own pattern for this dress. I did get the idea for the sash from a pattern though- Butterick 9826:


I'll blog about this dress next week.