Friday, July 16, 2010

Cruella and Viola

Well, I've got a Flickr account where I've put a few photos up. Such as this:
Herringbone 2
I've already reached my limit, so I've got to upgrade to the pro account, but I haven't the money at the moment as I just had an eye exam, bought new lenses for my frames, and splurged on a pair of prescription sunglasses, which totaled about $700. Yikes! Half of it is going on my credit card which I hate to do; I've got a goal to pay that thing off and have been pretty good about using it only in emergencies, you know like when your boyfriend needs a root canal. . .

Anyway, new glasses are necessary because it was getting a little difficult to read street signs, especially at night. The sunglasses (which I haven't received in the mail yet) may not be necessary, but hey, I've got some money from custom dresses coming my way in a little while, so I don't feel too bad about it.

I purchased the frames for my sunglasses online at Fabulous Fanny's, the same place I got my cateyes. These are the sunglasses frames I have chosen. I would lurve to have some cateye (the Cruella frames) sunglasses in white, but since they don't come in white, hopefully the Viola frames will look good on me. And hopefully, they'll come tomorrow.

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practicalgirl said...

thanks for posting all those pictures on flickr- super fun to look through!