Monday, February 8, 2010

A Word About my Absence

I know it has been a while, and I know I start a lot of blog posts out like that, but that is how it goes sometimes.

I am not the type to fish for stuff on the internet to post about. And I suppose I've been in a creative dry spell. And a little bit of laziness has taken over me, which I am going to blame on my two jobs. I work 6 days a week and one of those days is a double, so on my one day off I sleep in, play with the dog, clean my apartment, do laundry, watch 3 episodes of Dexter at a time. You know, stuff like that. I did make a few things for etsy buyers, so I don't feel like a complete loser. My boyfriend and I watched 4 seasons of Dexter in the span of about 2 weeks, but the next season doesn't start until September. And Lost just aired, but that will only take up 1 hour of my week, so my distractions are at bay, and they have to be because I've got shit to do.

Thanks to the new year--which always money!--Mikey and I are redoing the studio. He had asked me a couple months ago what my ideal studio space would be. (Not fantasy ideal, but one based in reality, and within the space we already have.) So I sat at my desk one day, and drew up what I wanted: A wardrobe where my clothes could hang, and fabric could be displayed on bolts. A new table where the entire top is a self healing cutting mat with 1" square grid. A cabinet which could house all of my patterns, trims, buttons, scrap fabric, pencils, rulers, thread, or all the stuff that looks crappy just sitting out. A rug that could provide a place for people to put their bare feet when doing a fitting, and, as we all should know, a rug can really tie a room together. And some fresh paint on the walls, I am leaning towards green . . . We'll see.

So fast forward to now, and I already have the cutting mat with the 1" square grid. We just bought a bunch of wood, and Mikey is going to build the furniture that I designed. As I type this we are getting a little closet built in the studio for storage space, which is also providing a place for my space to stop and for Mikey's to start. And I have the rug picked out, but not ordered yet, because I am not sure about the size.

That's what is going on right now. The process has just started, so do you, dear readers, care about process pictures? If so, let me know, and February will be Sugardale Studio Revamp, rather than Sugardale Clothing.

Oh, and February 27th is the next opening at the Glashaus, and also the deadline for our studio revamp. Oh god, we gotta lotta work to do.

So I'll end this post as I have before: I'm back baby!


Jex said...

Yay! I discovered your blog immediately after you began your hiatus, and I thought it was yet another case of finding an awesome site that will never be updated again. I'm glad you were busy and not just sick of posting!

Martha said...

Oh, yes, please post the process/progress photos. It sounds great and I'd love to watch it come to fruition.

Glad you're back!

lsaspacey said...

I missed you! And, yes, post studio revamp photos.

Patti Stanley said...

I found your blog the other day while looking for information on sewing a petticoat. Thank you for the wonderful instructions; I am making my daughters vintage style wedding dress. The petticoat will really make it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to see photos of your studio revamp.

lizzie_fitz said...

i only just found you too...and i loveeee your blog. glad your not disappeared!! cant wait to see the studio!! :) xxxxxxx