Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There are five major differences in these two photos. Can you spot them all?

This is what my corner of the studio looked like for a year. (Although not always that tidy.)

And this is how we left it a few hours ago. It's a complete mess. But you can see that we got the closet built, I've got my cutting mat on my table, the shelves are gone, in place of that ugly chair is the red stool, and my mirror is off the wall.

This is what the wall looked like before the closet was built. The closet starts at the outlet, and ends about where that wood beam is at the top, and extends out about 2 feet.

That's it so far. In the next few days I'll post the drawings of my original idea.


georgie said...

i would very much like this room, well you know the clean version

Martha said...

I love that table. Did you buy it or did your wonderful builder make it for you?

MJA said...

the table is made from ikea saw horse table legs, and a 36" x 80" hollow core door from home depot.