Friday, February 12, 2010

It sure is green.

And I promised you some drawings. I did the first two drawings at home, and my memory of the studio space was a lot bigger than it actually is, so we eventually had to make some changes, but nevertheless, this was my original idea:

Here is the wardrobe that will hold all of my clothes and fabric. The design of this did not change, and it will still be positioned right under the window. The only problem is, the window is a lot closer to the corner than I had imagined. So, the three way mirror to the right of it does not fit in the space at all, and therefore was eliminated.

This next drawing is of a cabinet with an attached table, that would go on the next wall. This didn't work because, once again, there was not enough room. And it turns out I don't need that much space for all of my stuff anyway. So the table will not be attached, and all the storage above the table in this picture will be going in the cabinet.

Here are the improved to-scale drawings that Mikey did:

And here is the new diagram of the space (click image for readable captions):

(The diamond pattern will extend onto the next wall, I just didn't draw it in because the writing would be harder to read.)

So the wardrobe and table will be going on this wall:

And the cabinet will go on this wall:

Yeah man! Mikey is going to start building the furniture on Monday. I'm excited.

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lsaspacey said...

So, cool! Can't wait to see the diamond pattern on the wall too.