Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Walls

Man, Mikey got some serious work done. First, he applied two coats of light green paint. Then he drew the diamonds on in pencil. Then, he taped them off.

(Helpful Tip: Before applying your darker color, you have to repaint the lighter color on the edge of the tape. You can see what I mean if you click on the above picture. This creates a seal, preventing the darker color from getting under the tape.)

Then he painted two coats of the darker green.

Then we carefully peeled off the tape.

And that is when I left to go to work today. I didn't get another picture of the walls because they need a little touching up.

When I got off work, Mikey had my furniture almost all put together.

Sheesh. What a guy.


KatkaSedl said...

That wall really look amazing. I'm not usually fond of green, but I like this two shades.
I'm looking forward to more pictures.

meli88a said...

That paint job is awesome. He's a keeper!

HR said...

Looks totally awesome thus far. I love that neato trick with the tape.

Christine H. said...

I love it! The colors are amazing---do you recall their names?

Sugardale said...

Christine H.

I used Behr paint, and I know that the lighter green is called Tree Fern. Not sure about the other one at the moment, but it was on the same sample swatch just one shade darker.

MJA said...

the darker one is called "manchester". behr paint from home depot. the lighter color, "tree fern", we went with flat finish. "manchester" we got in gloss finish.