Monday, November 23, 2009

No body gives a shit about scarves.

I participated in a fundraiser/craft show on Sunday (11/22) that was held at the Glashaus (where my studio is located). I had to have something to sell that day, and since all of my clothes are custom sized, they weren't really going to work out. So I decided to make silk scarves and pocket squares.

I had bought a narrow rolled hemming foot for my machine a while ago to make some pocket squares for my boyfriend and roommate, and after trying it out, I got really discouraged and frustrated with the thing, and decided to never use it again. This time around I thought I would try hand rolled hems, and my first scarf took me over 3 hours. I went back to the rolled hemming foot, and by the 3rd scarf I pretty much got the hang of it, and by the very last one, I had mastered that thing.

In about a week's time I made 10 large scarves, 7 smaller ones, 6 pocket squares and a new outfit. I was staying up till about 2 or 3 every night, and the very last night I didn't sleep at all. I definitely learned a lesson about procrastinating.

This was the set-up in my studio.

God, I was so tired. Look at my sleepy eyes. . .

Thanks to my friend Kate for letting me borrow the vintage luggage, and thanks to my boyfriend Mikey for staying up just as late as I did doing my whole portfolio, and printing and cutting all my business cards, since Overnight Prints didn't do such an overnight job. (I was supposed to receive them on Friday, but they came on Monday.)

After all that, I only sold one pocket square and one scarf which was a bit disappointing. But I did learn how to use that foot, I made a new dress*, gave away a lot of business cards, talked to a lot of people about my clothing, made a little money, and now I have some scarves to give away to friends and family, and my boyfriend finally has those pocket squares.

*The dress will be for sale in my Etsy Shop soon.