Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mesa College Fashion Show 2009

This is how I felt after the fashion show:

Hours before this event I had 2 custom items to complete--a pair of men's pants and a dress (both for which I am awaiting pictures)--and I barely finished. The day before, I finished the pants, but I still had a lot to do on the dress, so I stayed at the studio quite late. The next day (fashion show day) I had to do laundry, do the last finishing touches on the dress, and make it to the hotel for the show by 1:30. Well, I woke up at 5 to do laundry, got to the studio around 7:30, finished the dress and part of the belt by 11:30. At which time she came to pick it up, but I wasn't done with the belt. (Ah, crap!) So she took the dress, and I told her I would have the completed belt early the next morning. So I went home with about 1/3 of a belt done, and had just enough time to shower, get ready, and eat. I made it to the hotel at 1:45. (Thanks for the ride Kate)

I still had to sew the belt buckle for this girl's dress, so I brought a needle and some thread to the fashion show to sew while I was waiting in line with other models to get my makeup done. The show didn't start until 7:30 so I had enough time to finish.

I didn't need to get my hair done for obvious reasons. But makeup. I don't wear makeup so when the makeup artist asked me what I wanted I said, "Something natural, not too much, no foundation, and I am going to be wearing my glasses anyway." She replied, "Natural. So no eye shadow?" "No. . . well maybe very little." I think she put purple, of all colors, on my lids. "Do you have to wear your glasses?" "Yeah, I'm pretty blind." "You sure you can't go without them?" "Jesus Christ! Yes I am sure!" Then she threw on some blush, then some more powder, some eyeliner, mascara. Geez, did I really need all of this? "How about red lips?" Hm, red lips would go with the 50's style dresses I would model, "Ok, sure." For the next 2o minutes it was red pencil, red lipstick, more pencil, wiping some off, more lipstick . . . All the while, there is a mirror in front of me, but all I could see was messy blurs of color. So when I was finished, I put my glasses on and took a good look at myself. Eh, I wasn't into it.

I just can't pull off those red lips, and there was too much eyeliner. And all that mascara just weighing down my already sleepy eyes. Whatever. This is the last time I model. (I had vowed that once before, but this time I meant it.)

Other than the makeup, and being tired, it was a good night. I won some awards. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards are given in each category. I had 4 outfits in 4 different categories.

This got 1st place:

This got 2nd:

and this got 3rd:

This one didn't make the cut. Oh well.

And here's a video of me on the runway. Enjoy it, because this is the last time I do any more runway modeling.

My mom, aunts, and little sister were there to see me, as well as a few friends, and my boyfriend. So that was cool. I think that my family and friends enjoyed seeing me on the runway, so in that case, I am glad I modeled. Everything fit me perfectly anyway.

After the show, I went home to change and get rid of that terrible makeup. I don't have makeup remover, so it took me three tries with body wash. Then, back to the studio because I still had to finish the belt. The buckle was done, but I still had to cover the belt backing, and attach the buckle to it. About an hour later, I was done. Then Mikey and I went to eat some burritos at Santana's. A few friends happened to be there, so we sat and talked with them. Got home late, then woke up at 6:30 to be to work at 7. Got off at 2 and finally, sleep.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Border Prints!

I can't wait to make some dresses out of this stuff:

They will definitely be full skirted, 50's inspired dresses. And when I have them made, they will be for sale in my etsy store.

I have some custom stuff to finish for a few people first, though. But be ready.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Summer of '67

My friend and I get together every Sunday and watch old movies. Last week we watched Rosemary's Baby, and I got inspired. I had to have a 60's shift dress! So I made one, and I might just wear it every day this summer.

You can have one, too, if you want one. It is for sale! Custom sized to fit only you (or a bunch of other people your size).

And after getting fabric, returning it, and then getting some more. This is finally for sale, too:

I know I still have to post about my fashion show, but I was too excited about this stuff, so I'm gonna put that off for a little while. Soon though.

I'm back baby!