Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stop Your Complaining

I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to get going on etsy. My first order of business was to buy a lot of black cotton sateen for the jumper that I want to make and sell. So I have been navigating the swatches of fashion fabrics club,, trim fabric, and J&O fabrics. I found some black cotton sateen at fashion fabrics club, ordered and paid for 25 yards, only to receive an email a few days later saying they were out of it. So when I get my money refunded I am going to order some from, but only after I receive my sample swatch in the mail. (It is impossible to purchase fabric online without feeling a swatch of it first).

For example, I ordered a sample swatch of poly/cotton gingham from trim fabric, which wasn't too hot. To be honest, I haven't been too impressed with trim fabric anyway. Today, I just received my sample swatch of poly/cotton gingham from J&O, and it is a lot better. So I am going here for my gingham, there for my sateen, and somewhere else for my buttons, basically I am waiting very impatiently for a bunch of sample swatches to come in the mail. When they do come and if I am impressed by them, I can really only order one thing, make one design, hope to sell it, and then order some more stuff with the money I make on that. Unfortunately, I don't have hundreds of dollars to drop on yards and yards of different fabrics. I really only have one hundred dollars to spend right now on one bolt of fabric.

Another difficult thing is having a clothing business based in San Diego, because there aren't that many fabric stores here. It isn't like LA or New York where they have entire districts dedicated to fabric, so I am stuck with purchasing online. I think in the future I might drive up to LA from time to time. Which presents another huge problem: I don't have a car anymore.

Yeah, my car died. It was too much money to fix, so I donated it to NPR. I wasn't sad to see it go, I didn't really like it, and it was always giving me trouble anyway. But not having a car is pretty hard to do in San Diego, where things are so spread out.

So here I am with 3 dress designs in my head, but no fabric yet to make them with, no car to drive to any fabric stores, no fabric stores to even go to anyway, nothing to post about, and I've got a cold. Bleh.

Oh, and I think I am growing another knob, next to my big toe. God, my feet suck.


Cosmo said...

Well if you take the Amtrack up to LA from San Diego it shouldn't be too bad and Downtown and the Fashion District are pretty navigable on foot. Just an idea. I always think that Time is money and waiting around for stuff is expensive when you'd rather be making money and pretty dresses.

stormko said...

Believe in The Island.

Hey, I just returned like John Locke!

Let's go up to L.A. and face the Smoke Monster.

Marie Bayer said...

Online fabric shopping is tough, especially when you're trying to match colors. I've lucked out a couple of times but others haven't turned out so well.

I'm loving the dresses and the petticoats. I'm cheating with mine and using the 6 inch tulle rolls you can get in the bridal areas of craft stores. 100 yards for $5.00 on sale is a lot of work I don't have to do.

Add that to the gathering ability of the serger and I'm off and running.

lsaspacey said...

I'm also trying to start a little business on Etsy involving sewing. I will definitely be watching you for inspiration. Right now I'm working on samples and sizes and will probably try to get a few orders before buying any fabric in bulk because I am so cash poor right now.

Tracy said...

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