Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sewing and Dancing

I may have mentioned a while ago, that I have taken some swing dancing classes, but I haven't been going for quite some time. Well, when I was dancing more regularly, I invited my friend Kate, who invited her sister, Liz to take some classes. Kate and I don't really dance much anymore, but Liz is dancing all the time, entering contests, and even teaching some classes herself. Pff. . . Well, Liz, knowing I can sew, asked me to make her and a group of girls some skirts for a dance performance on the eve of '09. I did, and one of the ladies I made a skirt for, wanted a dress for her 5th anniversary party, and asked me to make it for her. She had a vintage pattern, and the fabric, so I just had to do a few fittings and sew it up for her.

She also asked me to work the door of her party and to ask a friend (I asked Kate) to help. The party was held at the Air and Space Museum, which I thought appropriate, because one of the exhibits there involved Charles Lindbergh, who "hopped" over the Atlantic, and thus named the dance that most people were doing at the party: The Lindy Hop. The many swing dancers that were invited, were encouraged to dress up in vintage, so I got to see some pretty cool outfits, and do a bit of dancing myself. It was fun. I didn't get a lot of pictures because we were working the door most of the time, and dancing the rest.

So here is Susan and me. She is in the dress I made for her, and I am in my most recent design, which is coming to etsy soon. I am just waiting on some sample swatches I ordered online, because I can't rely on the few fabric stores here to have enough of it.


Shrinky Inky said...

I love that jumper!! what is your etsy store - I'd love to have one for my very own :)

Sugardale said...

My etsy store is, but right now there is nothing up. Hopefully by the end of this month I will have at least three things.