Thursday, April 9, 2009

Petticoat Tutorial: The Really Fast Version . . .

( . . . And by fast, I mean the tutorial itself, not the making of the petticoat.)

So this is the petticoat I made to sell on etsy, (which I will have up for purchasing in a few days):

I am going to make this one to sell instead of the other one, because it is faster to make, and a little easier too.

Anyway, I thought I would show you how I made this one, just in case you would rather use this method.

Step 1: Follow steps 1-7 on my previous tutorial, using tulle, and skipping all the ribbon stuff. Basically make the petticoat, you just don't have to do any finishing. (Yeaah Man!)

Step 2: Get some eyelet fabric with a scalloped edge. (I used 3 yards, which I think is a pretty good amount.) The scalloped edge will be your hem, so cut the length of this the same length as your petticoat. Sew the one seam, leaving the top (6-9 inches) open. This amount should equal the length of your top tier of the tulle petticoat, that should also be left open like this (but without the ribbon, of course):

(this photo taken from my previous tutorial)

Step 3: You should have some eyelet fabric left over (my petticoat is 21" long, and the eyelet fabric I used was 45" wide), so take that and cut another layer that is your hip measurement plus 10". Make this layer 1" shorter than the tulle. For the hem, you can just use the selvage of the other end of eyelet fabric. (Yes, I don't have to finish any hems!) Sew one seam, leaving the top of this open as well.

Step 4: Make a waist band. I chose to do a simple 1" waistband, that is about 3" longer than my waist measurement (the same idea as the previous tutorial.)

Step 5: Gather all three layers into the waistband. The skinny one on the bottom, the tulle in the middle, and the pretty scalloped one on the top. And finish it with your preference of closing devices. I chose buttons.

Step 6: Sew all three layers together at the opening, or you could put a zipper in it, or some snaps. I just left it open, because it is going to go under a skirt anyway.

So that's it. Putting a layer of cotton between your legs and the tulle will prevent you from getting itchy, and putting the eyelet fabric on top finishes the petticoat and makes it look quite nice.

I hope that gets the point across. I don't have the time to go into detail like I did with the first tutorial. I think that was a one time deal.


Bel & said...

Fab - thanks for your petticoat tutorials - mine has turned out really well!

ichi903 said...

Love the tute.... is it possible to use a different kind of fabric for the eyelet? or can i fake a scallop hem with stitching?

Sølvi said...

Thanks for the tutorials! Made my version now, and it turned out great! Good work! :-)

Bandie said...

This tutorial is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much.

zubriska said...

Thank you very much for the tutorial! I made it with tulle and ribbon. I hadn't plan to add ribbon, but I realised it makes the petticoat more voluminous.
So, finally, I have a fabulous petticoat! thanks again =D!

(I'm french, excuse me for my english :s )

Sarah M Smith said...

yours are the best instructions for making a petticoat I've ever seen! Thank you -- and kudos on making it easier to understand than ANYBODY else.


Andrew said...

Hi there
I'm wondering where you purchased the lovely eyelet border fabric for the petticoat in the top photo of your website?


Beautiful work!!


Sugardale said...

I actually got that at joann's. I just checked on their website, but I couldn't find that exact one. They have other cute ones though . . .

thatwriterchick said...

Thanks for these tutorials. They're really amazing. As a Lolita, a good petticoat is extremely important to me. I can't wait to try this one out. It seems to have the perfect cupcake shape I need to go under the new bustle skirt I made.

Jerah said...

Thanks for the tutorials! Are the measurements the same on this petticoat as the other tutorial (8yrds, gathered into 4yrds, gathered into 2yrds)? The other one seems fuller.


Hannah said...

I am working on mine now; can't wait to finish and try it on! I am making two to go under a dress I am working on. I will definitely email you the results! :)

WireGirl said...

If I only have 3.5 yards of Tulle will it work to adjust your measurements and just have less poof? Good tutorial!Thanks!

Sugardale said...


I think 3.5 yards will be fine. That means you will just have 7 yards gathered at the bottom instead of 8. Or if you have any left over after cutting you could add another little section to the bottom to make it 8 yards.