Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alright, I finished this dress:

This plaid fabric dictated the pattern I decided to make. I chose small pleats instead of gathers because they were very easy to fold with all of the plaid guidelines. And I chose to do a dirndl skirt instead of an A-line skirt*, that way the hem would end on one line. I added a little interest to the plaid by cutting the pockets and the straps on the bias so the lines run diagonally.

I crossed the straps, because well, it's cuter that way. I had originally planned to make a belt, but the three buttons up the back were all this really needed.

When I go to vintage clothing stores, I often look at the way garments are constructed, and I saw a dress that had buttons and snaps similar to this:

I really like this dress. It's simplicity reminds me of Claire McCardell. Although, I don't know if she would actually put buttons in the back of a dress, because they might need some assistance to button. I can get in and out of this thing by myself, so maybe she would approve.

I am ready to wear this thing, but it isn't quite warm enough yet. (I was freezing when I took these photos.)

*For those of you who don't know, the pattern of a dirndl skirt is a rectangle where one end is gathered to the waist, and an A-line skirt pattern is shaped like an 'A'.


CaitlinClark said...

It's really cute! The buttons in the back are great, too. :)

Amanda said...

Very, very cute! I can't wait to start making Spring/Summer dresses!

50sgal said...

Darling! The decision to cut the straps and pockets on the bias, inspired. It is little things like this that make a simple piece speak volumes. I would like to make this dress, but with a fuller gathered skirt in a longer length to wear with my crinolin and it would look perfect in 1955, especailly the buttons. As always, good job!

EdgyK said...

You have flair, keep it up.

Maxi A. said...

Does this petticoat consist of 10 separate petticoats(like this one that you've shown in the tutorial) sewn together or was it made in a different way?