Monday, January 5, 2009


Oh man, I am pretty excited that January is here, but not because of the new year and all that crap. But because I am going to New York for a few days. YES! I think I've made all the necessary preparations for the cold weather. For example:

I feel pretty cool in this. I also got some other cool wintery things: combat boots lined with gore-tex, that coat I pictured previously, some leather gloves, and I guess that's it actually.

My main goals on this trip, are to eat some good food, see some good art, maybe throw a few snowballs, and buy fabric, fabric, fabric. Yeaaaah man!

Oh and another good thing about January: the season premier of Lost. Holy shit, I am ready for some questions to be answered. If you haven't gotten into Lost, I suggest you do (you can watch them all online). Start from the beginning, and try to avoid all spoilers.


Christine H. said...

Your hat is amazing---I love it.

Thank the TV gods LOST is back soon! I've been re-watching season 4 and January 21st cannot get here soon enough.

Saratoga Sake said...

the weather is weired right now in might actualy get more snow hardly snows in the city. you guys should head up to the adirondacks.... have fun!!! lucky!