Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun with Stripes

As you all know I have been in school. My last day was the 17th, and I am just now getting around to posting. (Sorry.) My problem was, when I was done with my draping final, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my outfit on the dress form at school. I was hoping to get a hold of a friend who I think might fit into it, but alas, she could not be reached. So I did the ol' retail trick and pinned this thing onto my mannequin which is far smaller than the dress form I was working with all semester. So here it is:

I will say that stripes are very fun to play with. And I enjoy the challenge of matching them all up, which I think I did a pretty good job of.

Check out the button closure in the back. Yeah, that's right, even the buttons match the direction of the stripes.

I wanted the buttons to fall exactly on center back, but I also wanted the stripes to meet at a perfect matching angle at center back. That won't happen if you just extend the button hole side and overlap the other. So I created a separate button extension that matched the stripes of the opposite side, and I kept parts of the seam open for the button to go in. My teacher told me this little trick, so thank you Mrs. Marx!

And I like to make the inside of my creations as pretty as the outside, so I took some time and used Hong Kong finishes on the seams of the skirt, and I used some lace hem tape.

There are of course, some imperfections that I must fix before the school's fashion show, which will be sometime in June 2009. First of all the lining is a little tight on the peplum and it is causing the striped fabric to lay weird, and I will cover the belt buckle, I just didn't have time to so before the project was due.

So that's it. Too bad it doesn't fit me. Maybe someone will like it enough to buy it at the fashion show. Well see in a few months.

I am going to be starting a lot of projects soon, like 6 skirts for 6 girls who are doing a swing dance performance on New Year's Eve, some simple dresses for work, so I can get rid of my jeans, reupholstering a chair, and finally a couple of suits for my friend and boyfriend. That should give me enough posting material until summer.


stormko said...

Damn, you have to wait in line like Star Wars just to get something made by this girl! Jeez.

carlita dee said...

You are so talented it's scary.

Another lovely one.

Adrienne said...

I LOVE how this turned out!!!!

Piroska said...

Amazing, it looks so professional. Love the slightly draped front and all the finishing details on the inside. You must be so pleased with it!

Shelby Gubba said...

aw man, i hope im the friend that could not be reached, because this thing is so frikkin cute.....


50sgal said...

That outfit is adorable. I think I could wear that here in 1955 (where I am currently living) I am just coming to sewing now, it part due to my duties as a 50's housewife, but am now loving the creativity of it. I love your blog AND your talent!