Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hooves Part I

I've been noticing a lot of women wearing really really long pants. Too long. I see them everywhere, the grocery store, school, art shows. I don't know whose fault is is, but there must be someone to blame for this disgusting look. I'll put partial blame on J-Lo. Although, I am sure she isn't the only celebrity sporting hooves, she was just in the first page of google images, so I went with it.

I am guessing that under those hems she has some--possibly cute, and definitely expensive--shoes, so why hide them? She's gotta have a full length mirror and a tailor, right? Because J, you look like a two-legged centaur.

Get your pants fixed. You're encouraging other ladies to wear this, and then I have to see it, and it makes we want to puke all over the place.


Amanda said...

Jessica Simpson is another perpetrator of this "trend". I would love nothing more than for her to send me her pants so I can hem them.

atomicliving said...

Seriously, what is the point, particularly when she obviously can afford some loverly shoes to be seen! What's next 80's stirrup pantz! Altho I kinda like the early 60s version with a swing blouse headband white lipstick and lashes that go on and on, but not on everyone!

EdgyK said...

Ha ha. That really made me laugh! I totally agree.