Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Lately, I've been into peplums. They can be done really wrong though, but when they are done right, they look very nice. My favorite part about them is they look really good with a belt, and I love belts. Simple belts of course, no more than 1 1/2" wide, no huge designer buckles, and no studs or rhinestones. That can be another post altogether, but you get the idea.

Some good ones:

I don't like this one:

I hate this entire blouse. Too many ruffles! And I don't like that little bit of visible belly either. I don't like the midriff, or even a little snapshot of it. I don't mind a little skin--short skirts, short shorts, d├ęcolletage, backless dresses--sure, but the midriff, it just isn't classy.

I have a design idea for a peplum suit. Actually, I have a really ambitious goal involving two men's suits, one for each of my roommates, and two women's suits, one I described here, and the peplum, and possibly presenting them as a line in the fashion show at Mesa College, but we'll see.

I'm not currently working on any projects; too much homework. If I have time, I might make an easy skirt for Mikey's art show coming up on Saturday:


carlita dee said...

Sister, you are so right about that top. It's an ugmo.

I love the good examples you posted. Adorable.

Happy learnin'.


atomicliving said...

I agree, a nice early 50's peplum is nice or a clean early 60s suit peplum also nice, not nice is the overexagerated 80's peplum which is the bastardazation of the 40s peplum. Think: Delta burke early Desiging Women, ICK ICK ICK, the peplum not her ;)