Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Perfect Shoe

I haven't exercised for quite some time. I think its been about 6 months, maybe more. So lately I've been feeling like a turd. I've been debating for about a week if I should get a gym membership, because there is no exercise I like more than swimming, and a gym membership is my only way of gaining regular access to a pool. All this debating was done whilst I waited to get paid, but now that I've got my paycheck, I'm thinking I don't want to pay a start up fee, the first and last month fees. Half my paycheck would be gone. (Ok, half is an exaggeration, but, still its a lot of money.) Then I would have to make the inconvenient drive to the nearest 24hour fitness with a pool, drive back home smelling of chlorine--I'd rather not shower there, because then I would have to bring soap, and another towel, and clothes to change into, so I gave it up.

Instead, I've decided to take advantage of the free ground just sitting around outside, and be a man and just run. But I don't even have running shoes, so a I gotta buy a pair of those. The idea of buying some ugly puffy shoes makes me sad, so in addition I am buying these.

I already own this exact pair, and have for about 2 years, but I just damaged the right heel. I wore these to the Thread Show, and when I am talking to people I don't really know I have a tendency to put my weight on one heel and rock a little. I'm fidgety when I have to small talk. Anyway, either I put to much weight on the heel or I was rocking too hard, and I knocked the heel loose. I could just take it to a cobbler, and I eventually will, but someday these things will become unwearable, and when they do I'll have a backup.
Fortunately for me I don't care about trends, so in 5 years I can wear this same pair of shoes and think "This is the perfect shoe!" They're red, round toed, cute, comfortable, they accommodate my knobs, and they go with just about anything.
This style is about 2 years old, so there aren't that many sizes left, but if you are a lucky size 7.5 or 8, you can purchase them here, or in black in a few more sizes here.

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