Monday, August 11, 2008

I need to make me one of these:


Turbok(n)itty said...

You might be interested in getting a PLASTIFORM wire mannequin. It's made out of plastic covered wire and buttons open in the front and back. You put yourself or the person you are making for into it and adjust the wires. My ex got me one years ago from a junkyard in Germany, I regard it as one of the very few nice things he's done. Well anyways, a while ago I checked out ebay for one because one of my teachers wanted one, and there were a few around. Most of them in Germany thiough. I think they were produced by a German company. They're handy to have though and look really really cool! Might be worth checking out!

kjm said...

i just made one out of duck tape and pvc pipe, there is a tutorial online, i suggest stuffing it with fabric sheets or packing peanuts or Styrofoam if you can get a lot of it because i tried spray foam and it is now deteriorating so i have to make a new one but its real simple and fun.