Saturday, July 12, 2008

School Days

So my classroom bears absolutely no resemblance to this:

Just pick out one of these girls (how about that one on the left wearing the black shirt and scarf) and call her me, then put pajamas on almost everyone else, and big sunglasses on a few of the lady's heads, those guys in the back, put them in some sleeveless T's, and that is what my classroom actually looks like.

They all look so respectful, and eager to learn. Well that is nothing like my classroom, that girl in the front on the right (who is now wearing last night's sweat pants, a wife beater with the bra straps showing,--but of course she's got her makeup on; she applied it at all the stoplights on the drive to campus) she is complaining that since Dr. Bond (my world history teacher) has just moved the test back, it now falls on a Monday: "Can we take the test on Wednesday instead? I hate tests on Monday's, now my whole weekend will be spent studying." I'm not kidding. This really happened. It pissed me off so much! 

I would like to say I was completely taken by surprise by this remark, but this is the norm! I don't know how the professors put up with this shit. Dr. Bond was of course nice about it. Man, my French teacher from a few semesters ago, who wore a calf length dress to school every day, had this great French accent, and was old and strict looking would have said something like this: "This is not elementary school, we are college students and should act like it," in a condescending, rather mocking tone. God, she was great. 

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