Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pleased to Meet You

On the 5th I was at work (the ol' coffee shop) just hanging out at the register waiting for my shift end, when in walk a group of ladies. The first one ordered a coffee, and for some reason I was studying the pleat in the front of the other lady's dress. And then the wearer of this pleated dress said "Trista?" 

Would you believe it! It was Carla of Purly Victorious (who interviewed me a while ago, whose blog I read every day, whom I've exchanged emails and comments with. . .) My mind was blown! It was a pretty big coincidence; she lives in LA and was down here visiting a friend, but of all the coffee shops in San Diego to wander into, well it just happened to be the one I worked at. 

It was pretty cool to meet her. Yeah.

1 comment:

carlita dee said...

That pleat is the reason I bought that dress at Ross the day before, lol.

Ah, great minds.