Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homework and Crap

So I'm going back to school. I just finished my second week (6 more weeks to go for this summer). By this time next year, I will have an associates degree in fashion design, so that will be cool. Let's see what it will afford me. . .

I am taking two classes so I am pretty busy with school work. Already I have two papers due on the 9th. And I hope to have my Iron Man costume completed by then as well. I just wanted to let you, dear readers, know that I won't be posting as often, as it takes up a lot of my time, and just being on the internet can really distract me. 

So I'll post when  I can. . . 

Just don't give up on me, ok?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Tips for Summer

1. For the fair-skinned, like myself, get a parasol, and use it always.

I really hate the sun, and even more, I hate tans and tan lines. I also hate sunscreen. It is greasy, for best results you should apply it 1/2 hour before sun exposure (I don't have that kind of foresight), and it smells. So my preference is definitely a parasol.

The one I bought is nothing special. It is really just a black flowered umbrella with some lace around the bottom. There are some options out there:


Which is fine because it serves a dual purpose: protection from the rain and the sun. But it's kinda boring.


Which is just ok. The lace lets too much sunlight in for my pale skin.


This papery parasol looks like it might not stand up to a gust of wind. Not my type.


Which is my favorite. Minus the shiny dress that probably squeaked when she sat down.

But if I can find this or something like it, I will purchase it immediately.

Walking around with your parasol will be quite fun, I assure you. I love the strange looks me and my parasol get from all the 40-year-old leather chests I pass by. I am the one that should be giving them and their freakishly burnt skin the strange looks. I wonder if they know they look disgusting, have accepted that it is just too late, and keep tanning anyway? Or if they really think that leather skin looks good?

2. Do not wear flip-flops unless you are heading to the beach.

3. Do not go to the beach unless you are wearing a suit like this:

My Baby Jo is a good place to find one like it.

I'm also a fan of the playsuit:

(those are some good pockets)

I think that the more conservative suits are sexier than bikinis. But what do I really know about beachwear? I'm afraid I share Woody Allen's dislike for the beach. I don't like the sand, the sun, the water, and particularly the waves. They scare me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Three things I want to get rid of, but can't bring myself to do it:

1. My myspace page. First of all, I don't like the redundancy of "my-my-space page." But I can't just very well say "myspage page," can I? And, "My space page" (pausing between "my" and "space") sounds like I have a page about space (outer space, space in a closet, a parking space, personal space. . .) I've tried to quit myspace a few times, but every time I reach that CONFIRM ACCOUNT CANCELLATION page, I hit "Keep my Account." I tell myself that it is a good way to keep in contact with people. That's bullshit, though. The only contact I am really keeping is occasionally checking friends' pages, just to see that they haven't been on in months either. The only reason I do log on is if I receive an email notification that someone wants me to be their friend. This is either a spammer, or someone I knew from my hometown, that I never talked to when I lived there, and don't intend on talking to now, especially when I visit their page, and their layout is Budweiser-themed, and is accompanied by their repulsive beer drinking photos.

2. The one pair of jeans that I own. To be fair I do wear these to work, and I don't have anything to replace them. But even though they are my "work pants" I manage to wear them outside of work, a lot. I feel like a hypocrite because I hate jeans, yet I wear them almost every day. My problem is: I don't really have any other casual clothes to wear. All of the dresses I have made are pretty dressy, and I like wearing them with heels, but I can't wear heels that often because of my knobs*. And, I haven't found those perfect, comfortable, flats that will go nicely with them (the knobs and the dresses). So the solution would be to make some casual dresses that I can wear with my PF Flyers. But that takes time. So currently, still wearing the jeans, and searching for the right pair of flats.

*"Knobs" is the term I use to refer to my tailor's bunions. I don't like how the word "bunion" sounds. And when I think of what bunion sounds like it means, I picture a puss-filled protrusion of grotesque proportions on and old lady's sandaled foot. Gross. When in fact, it is really just a joint on the big or little toe that sticks out and when it rubs on the shoe, the skin gets irritated, and red, and hurts pretty bad. Basically I need an osteotomy to fix the bone structure of my pinky toe. And that surgery is expensive, even with the insurance I have through my parents as long as I am going to school full time.

My friend GUBBA drew this a while ago. It cheered me up because that was when my feet were hurting so badly that I didn't even want to put on a pair of shoes. For weeks I would go to work suffering in my shoes for 8 hours, then come home kick my shoes off, and not leave the house until I had to work the next day. It was a sad time. . .

What I think is the funniest part about this is how the doctor is touching the knob. And in the last panel I am watching Seinfeld. That's Kramer and Jerry on the TV there. Shelby's a dork. I did notice that she hasn't updated her blog in a while. She is probably too busy rocking out hard on her bass, flinging zombie guts and vampire blood all over the place in her band BRAAIINS!

3. My car. I drive a red, '98 Ford Escort, a hand-me-down from my sister. My car is a piece of shit: the air doesn't work, the breaks are squeaking, its got a tape player, when your in the back seat, you can hear some sort of rattling, there is a slow leak in the radiator, so I have to fill the coolant every once in a while. . . But the shittyness isn't what bothers me, I just hate driving, and I hate maintenance. I don't want to have to change the oil every 3000 miles. I hate washing it; I always count on San Diego's 9-inch average of rainfall per year to do the trick, which it doesn't. Gas prices, of course. Everyone is saying it, but really how am I going to afford gas for much longer? It just comes down to money, I hate spending money on something I don't even like. Oh how I would love to donate my car, not even deal with the hassle of selling it. . . just call NPR and make my contribution my favorite radio station. I wonder how much you get back in taxes for a donation like that?

There are options:

I could take the Trolley, whose tracks don't really take me to places I want/need to go. I guess I could take the trolley to the mall. Alright!! The Mall! I can't even remember the last time I went shopping at the mall.

I could take the bus and reach my destination in about 2 hours.

I could walk. Which I do. Fortunately I live downtown so I can walk the 1.3 miles to work, and a few other places. But most of the places I go are not within walking distance, places like: Trader Joe's, any fabric store, Mitsuwa for some good sushi, school, friends' houses. . .

I could get a bike for the longer distances. For curiosity, I looked into traveling to school by bike, which means no freeways. Google maps said it would take me 28 minutes to go 9.6 miles by car. There are those electric bikes that can go 20 mph, and last for about 18 miles, and recharge in about 4 hours, and of course a scooter, but either one is anywhere from $1000-4000. I don't have that kind of dough.

So I am stuck with my car, and I am stuck with my jeans, and my knobs, and my myspace page. Actually, I am going to visit that cancellation page one more time, just to see. . .

So besides burning my jeans and moving to New York, is there any hope?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Of Blogs and Moths

For about three hours prior to now, I should have been working on my Iron Man costume, but I read almost all of Mrs. Beavers' blog posts, instead. She says almost everything I want to say, but reading it in her style sounds so much better than how it sounds in my own head. I look forward to her next post, to which I will probably say, "I hate all of these orange-skinned, white women, too!" Mrs. Beavers' commentaries are great. This is the one that sent me on a 3 hour blog binge.

Even though the night is still young, I do have to work at 5:30 in the morning, and I am in that I-have-enough-time-to-start-something-but-not-finish-it-so-it's-better-not-to-start mode. Which is actually just a excuse for being lazy.

I did manage to capture and free a moth that has been hanging around the light in my bathroom since last night. I did the ol' cup and paper trick. I didn't want to get my fingers on those wings, which would have perhaps rendered him flightless, and would have left my finger tips with that silver mothy wing dust. Why does that stuff just come off? Imagine if our skin was like that, you touch someone and you get flaky skin grit all over your palms. Man, it must suck to be a moth. . .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Golden Compass

I didn't see The Golden Compass in the theater, regretfully. It had nothing to do with all of the Christian warnings that it was out to destroy God in the hearts of children, but I think it was because a friend saw it and he said it wasn't very good (but I think he read the books).

You can't always rely on your friends' opinions, because I really liked it. I have not read the books, which I now intend to do, but the fans of the book series say that the movie fell short. So without having read the book(s), this is what I thought of the movie:

First of all I love the fantasy genre, I love losing myself in another world. (While I was reading the Harry Potter Series, I had numerous dreams that I was a witch flying around on a broomstick casting spells.) This fantasy is about parallel universes that house other life forms, ones that have souls living inside their bodies, and others that have souls that live next to them as animals, called daemons. And it's also about DUST. What is Dust? We don't know exactly what it is, but the Magisterium, the authority that rules Europe, is worried about it. In fact, the word "dust" is taboo. The story follows a girl called Lyra, who is curious, courageous, and special. She embarks on a quest to find and join her Uncle who is studying this Dust, and encounters many adventures along the way. . .

The story is inventive and has some great ideas, ones that I would like to explore more. Even not having read the book, I could tell that the story moved too quickly in the movie, which isn't surprising given that almost all movies based on books leave little pieces out. Which I can understand; it is hard to pack 300-500 pages worth of story into 2 hours.

The movie is very visually pleasing. It's the kind of movie that is worth seeing on the big screen. And I especially loved the costume design, of course. Everything that Nicole Kidman's character Mrs. Coulter wears is great. 

I especially love this suit:

The whole time I am watching this I am thinking what a fun job. Especially with a movie such as this. It is a fantasy set in no specific time: it's not the present, it's not really the future, and it's not necessarily the past. So what do you do when when you need to capture a timeless look? Make it classic. Which is exactly what was done. The clothing looks mostly 20's-40's, decades that I love. So when the movie was over the first thing I did was Googled Ruth Myers. (Here she talks about designing for Compass.) It was no surprise to me that she designed the costumes for the HBO show Carnivale, and film Infamous , both of which I really liked. Carnivale was a great show set in the 30's. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 seasons. Infamous was the story of Truman Capote and his book In Cold Blood. Which I thought was better than the previous year's film about the same story simply titled Capote.

It is unfortunate that Compass didn't get seen by many people--American people that is-- because of the bad press it got about being atheistic and anti-Christian. (Overseas it did well.) I just think that people need to put a little faith in their own Faith. Did Christians really feel that if their children saw this, they weren't going to believe in God anymore? Maybe they did, I guess. I don't know because I am not Christian, so I didn't feel threatened. So who knows? But still, put faiths aside and enjoy a good movie for what it is: a Fantasy.

Also this is interesting:

I saw Prince Caspian in the theater. Eehh. . . the acting was bad, the dialogue sucked, and in contrast to Compass, the costumes were completely boring and unimaginative. But I read a review of this movie on the Christian site It is a Christian story, and this was at the end of a review on the site:

  • Drugs/Alcohol: None.
  • Language/Profanity: None.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity: Innocent romantic chemistry between Prince Caspian and Susan. One brief kiss.
  • Violence/Other: Medieval combat violence (swordplay, kills, etc.) with visual allusions to decapitations (but doesn’t actually visualize it), all set in a fantasy world.
The decapitation is visualized, there's just no blood. I don't mind violent movies, I was just surprised that it got a PG rating because it was pretty violent.

And I read a review of Compass on the same site and these were the cautions:


  • Drugs/Alcohol: A bear drinks whiskey.
  • Language: Mild name-calling.
  • Sex: None.
  • Violence: Woman choking a child with magic, slapping a monkey, men dying of arrows, gunfire, explosions. A bear fight with the antagonist bear having it’s jaw ripped off.
  • Worldview: Mystical. Magic is “normal.” The church is an evil threat. “Daemons” are helpful.

The violence in Caspian is downplayed, while in Compass, they mention slapping a monkey. It's a bit skewed.

I'm just saying. . .

Friday, June 6, 2008


So I have most* of my pattern pieces cut out. YES! Cutting is my least favorite part of the process, so now that it's done I feel some relief.

*I still need to cut out the gloves, the arm bands, the light band, and the helmet (which is still in the brainstorming phase).

Each piece has three layers: vinyl, batting, and muslin, so it took a while to cut out. I have 14 main pieces. So 3layers x 14pieces + cutting on the floor = my back hurts.
But now the really fun stuff starts. . .

Stick around. I'll be back.