Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gloves are not that fun to make.

When I first set out to make some gloves, I went to a few on-line tutorials that explained how to do so. Well they were no good, not enough pictures or descriptions. So I turned to this pattern:

I chose view G (the blue ones in the upper left corner) because I will have to make the least amount of Iron Man modifications to those. Which include extending the cuff the length of my forearm, adding a zipper, and stitching horizontal lines that will run around the forearm cuff.

The instructions were intimidating, but once I cut all the pattern pieces out and started sewing, everything fell into place. (Although, they weren't hard to make, they were frustrating.) So I finished all the sewing, turned them right-side-in and:

Notice how the circulation in my index finger is completely cut off? I feel like it's in one of those Chinese finger traps. And the next two fingers? How did they get so bubbly? Either there are some inconsistencies in the pattern, my fingers are abnormal, or I made a mistake. Whatever the reason, I've got some adjusting to do . . .

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