Thursday, March 6, 2008

What did I do to be so Black and Blue?

This is one of the latest dresses I have made (I am working on one right now, but I've got a few changes that need to be made) I like this one a lot, especially that blue. I am glad I actually used some different colors for a change. I always seem to wander back to red/black/white combinations.  

Gubba and I did a little photo shoot in her studio about a week ago. So this is what I've got:
I like this pose. To me it looks like it could be on the envelope of a vintage pattern. 

If you look at Oh, Vintage Magazines, you will see we tried to mimic this pose from the 50's magazine. The one where the woman is wearing that cute blue coat.

See that white material peeking out of the bottom? That is a petticoat that I made. It is made out of crinoline and the longest horizontal strip is 12 yards long. Wow, that's long. When I cut the crinoline strips, the edges frayed so badly. I had so many tiny white wisps  of thread all over my apartment, that I almost went crazy. I still have enough to make one more petticoat, and I am going to do it, even with my sanity on the line. Because, well, it's worth it.

Here's Gubba looking at one of her drawings. You can see that the dress has a pocket. A deep pocket hidden by gathers. 

I hate carrying purses, I can never find a purse I like, and if I am actually carrying a purse, I barely have enough stuff to fill it. If it weren't for a notebook that is always with me, my purse, I unfortunately shoulder around right now would just be a floppy tote. Bleh. 

But if I am wearing a dress such as this, I can put my wallet, phone, chapstick, and maybe a few other things safely concealed beneath a layer of fabric, and be purse-free. Which is always a good thing to be. 

Besides the colors, the sleeves are my favorite part of the dress. I have been into this cuff lately. That sharp point dividing the pleat of the sleeve in half (hard to see in black) just looks so good. And the pleat gives the sleeve a bit more room, without being too puffy.  I've used it and variations of it on a couple of other things. Also notice with this one, the sleeve cuff has the same trim as the hem of the dress. Oh, matching little things like that makes me love myself for doing it. 

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