Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet and Innocent

So I made this sweet little dress a while ago, but I just now got a good picture of it. (I am making better use of the tripod and camera.)

Off-centered buttons and Mandarin collars are nice. Not-so-sweet-and-innocent-me likes to appear sweet and innocent, which a Mandarin collar will do. It isn't as innocent as a Peter Pan collar, which can be cute, but I don't want to look like a 9-year-old!

I always make custom covered belts to go with all my dresses, especially ones with waist-line seams. (Which, I haven't designed a dress without a waist-line seam yet, so actually, all of my dresses have belts.) With this dress though, I couldn't make my usual belt with a covered buckle, because I couldn't have a centered buckle with off-centered buttons. And wearing a belt off-centered is pretty lame. So this one just has a button closure that lines up with the buttons. That's a lot better.

And always, the deep side pocket for taking along just the essentials.

And some closer detail.
Of course, some contrasting trim that I am so fond of.


sixties sewer said...

Exquisite in every way. The attention to detail. Of course it helps that you are so beautiful in this dress. Lovely work.

chanief said...

Amazing dress.

carlita dee said...

Truly perfect. I adore this dress, and the way it fits you.

Allison said...

just found your site recently, and I've been going through all your posts. You do truly lovely work. well done!