Monday, March 17, 2008


Oh man! I wish I could go back in time and dance with that handsome man!
Well, after reading the post on Shorpy, I learned they are at some St. Patrick's day celebration (you can see their stupid, little, cut-out, paper clovers pinned to their chests). I don't know what St. Patrick's Day was like back then, but if it was anything like it is now, I probably wouldn't have gone to the dance, and I especially wouldn't have worn one of those clovers. I try not to even acknowledge the "holiday" (even though I am right now) because I hate it!

About two weeks ago I was walking to the post office, minding my own business, and some guy ahead of me waiting to cross the street says, "What is it, like St. Patrick's day or something?" Well, I just happened to be wearing a bright green pair of cropped pants (yes, the ones with the non-functional pockets) and the guy walking near me happened to be wearing a green shirt. I, of course, ignored him, but the other guy fell for it. "Heh, yeah," is about all he said.

What I wanted to say was: "Oh it MUST be St. Patrick's day! Of course, why else would I possibly wear green pants? Yes, I plan all of my outfits according to the holidays. A few weeks ago, on Valentine's Day (another "holiday" I loathe) I wore a bright red dress with pink hearts all over it. No you idiot! It isn't even St. Patrick's day, and you won't see me wearing any green on that day, so keep your stupid comments to yourself!"

I don't even celebrate St. Patrick's day because: I am not Irish, I am not Catholic, and I do not drink! Which, of those three, drinking is actually the only one needed to celebrate this monstrosity. If you drink, then all the sudden on this given day you're a green-wearing, beer-drinking, Irish-kissing leprechaun, out to high-five, and "Whhooo" everybody to death. Tonight, I think I'll stay home with my sewing machine, and put Count Basie on the record player, and avoid all humans if it's possible.

Sorry for the rant. All because some loser commented on my green pants. Actually come to think of it, I was wearing some red shoes. He had his holidays all wrong; he should have asked if it was Christmas! What an idiot.

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