Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So this has nothing to do with fashion, but I just bought a clarinet, and I am pretty excited.
You can only listen to Jazz for so long before you want to pick up an instrument and try to play those soulful sounds. I used to play the clarinet in band from 5th-9th grade, so it's been about a 7-year hiatus (which is a long time). 

I can still read music, but I don't remember all the fingerings on the ol' clarinet, so I basically have to relearn everything. Plus, back then I wasn't playing Jazz, which is pretty hard to learn because is all about improvising. So, this summer I am going to take a college class for some instruction, which I desperately need. I can't wait to enroll though, oh man!
This is what I want to sound like (which well never happen in my lifetime, but it's something to strive for):

So if I practice every day, 10 years from now, I might be good enough to say, "I can play Jazz." Hopefully, by then I will be able to afford a wooden clarinet. Mine is a student clarinet made out of some kind of plastic. All the pros play on a wooden one.

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Moxie Tonic said...

Its been all jazz all the time around here since we received Ken Burns' documentary for Christmas! As a result I've been attempting to play my clarinet again too. I bought the clarinet part for begin the beguine - honestly, I don't think I ever learned some of those high notes: I have my fingers in the right place and am blowing air through but no sound comes out!
My suggestion for a wood clarinet is to comb garage sales. My mom found one for me that way and paid less than $10 for it. The person selling it swore that it didn't "work", but it was just because the pads were all missing...