Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Don't Just Design Dresses

Another outfit I made a while ago, but just now posting. 

The shorts are what I am mainly focusing on here, I did make the shirt too, but it's just a shirt, so. . . the shorts:

What I like about these are the pockets; they are deep and functional. Functional pockets are big thing for me, again my hatred for the purse. I bought a pair of bright green cropped Dickies pants the other day, and the back welt pocket is only about an inch deep. What is the point of that? Either spend the extra two cents and make a full pocket, or just get rid of the pocket all together. I must admit,  even if there were deep enough pockets to store something in, I wouldn't use them, because the pants are pretty tight. (Ok, maybe I'd put some money in one, but I can't even do that with these one-inchers!) But still save me the annoyance of closing them up and cutting out that useless flap of fabric that is just bunching up on my butt. 

Anyway, another thing I like: the hidden zipper. It is in the pocket, you can't see it. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was just a dark mess. Sorry. But trust me, it's a wonderful feature: no fly fronts, no side, or back zipper. 

Also the thick waistband and buttons are cool.

And some things I will do differently the next time I make these:
1. I would make them just a little bit shorter. These could actually pass a school dress code, as the tips of my fingers are just above the hem. And I don't need to pass any dress codes. 
2. I wouldn't use such thick material. This cotton that I used was just something that I had. It would make a much better skirt (which I am going to use on my next dress design, that, believe it or not, isn't pouffy!)
3. And, I would make a whole outfit out of it. This outfit is good with the matching red polka dot shoes and scarf, but it wasn't my intention when I first set out to make the shorts.  Next time I think I'll put buttons on the other side of the waistband as well, and make a matching shirt. I am thinking a lighter color for the shorts, a white shirt with a sailor collar, and using the same shorts material for the cuffs and collar of the shirt. Yeah that's good.

Not long after I made these, my boyfriend found this picture on Shorpy
"Hey Ladies, nice tap shorts. Yeah, I've got a pair too."


Melissa said...

I had these in my eBay store and they sold out in 2 days. unfortunately the manufacturer stopped making them after that so I wasn't able to reorder but they were cute. I love the bib front but if I would make them in red or navy with white buttons.. that is.. if I could sew, ha-ha.
Yours are adorable and the hidden zipper is genius..
Kind regards,

Portland Artist Trading Cards said...

Wow! You make incredibly cute clothes!!! -Lulu

yaiAnn said...

I heart those shorts!!

Suziwong66 said...

I've only recently discovered your blog; pure fabulousness!! I'm working my way through old posts in no particular order. I love love love your shorts & can see my miss21 looking just as sassy & stylish wearing them as you do! I know you sell clothes you design & make on etsy but have you also considered selling your patterns? I'd buy this pattern in a heartbeat!!