Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking Proper Measurements

If you have just purchased something from my etsy store, you will need to take some of these measurements; I have specified which measurements to take in the listing of the garment. If you have any questions about them at all, please email me, and I can help you out.

Most of these you can take yourself, but I suggest getting a friend to help you take them, they will be more accurate that way. There are a few you will need help with anyway.

When you are measuring, don't wear bulky clothing, and don't pull the tape so tight that it is restricting, but don't leave any ease in it either. Also measure to the nearest 1/4"

1: Waist
Measure around your waist, the smallest part of the torso. To help find your waist bend at your side, the part that dips in is your waist.

2: Bust

Take this measurement with the bra you plan on wearing with the dress/top, or no bra if you do not wear one. Measure around the bust at apex level.

3: Hips
Use a string or shoe lace to tie off your hips at the fullest part of your butt. This will help you keep the tape measure in the right spot. Make sure the string is even and parallel to the floor all the way around.

Now take the tape measure and follow the string all the way around.

4: Back Length (You'll need help with this one)
This measurement is from your neck at the most protruding bone of your spine to your waist. To locate the this bone bend your neck forward, the one that sticks out the farthest is your starting point.

Bend your neck back up to take the measurement from that point to your waist. Tie your waist off to make sure you are measuring to the right spot.

5: Underbust/Empire circumference
This is the circumference just under your bust. This should stay parallel to your waist all the way around.

6. Empire to Waist
Tie off your waist, and measure up to your underbust/empire location. (Just under your bust mound, or up to your bra if you are wearing one.)

7:Strap/Cross strap (You'll need help with this one)
With your waist tied off, position the tape under the apex at the waist level.

Pull the tape straight up over your shoulder and end it at waist level on your back.

Do the same for the cross strap, but end the tape at the other side of your back crossing your spine.

8: Waist to Knee
With your waist tied off, position the tape in the center and let it fall to the floor. Look in a mirror or have someone read the measurement to you. (If you bend down to look at the measurement, you will shorten the tape and it will be inaccurate.)

9: Cup Size
A, B, C, D. . .

10: Crotch Depth.
With your waist tied off, sit on a chair with your back straight (no slouching). Position the tape at your waist level at your side and let it fall to the chair. Where it hits the chair is the measurement.

11: Bicep
Measure around your relaxed bicep at the middle of your upper arm.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh, vintage magazines

I just purchased two vintage McCall's magazines-March 1952 and October 1938-to add to my collection. I can now say that I have 3 vintage magazines. Hey, it's a start right? The other one is the May 1944 issue of Vogue. I bought Vogue on ebay over a year ago, so I don't remember the seller, but the McCall's I bought off of Vintage Martini. It was pretty cool too, because the guy gave me 25% off of both for ordering two. So I ended up spending about $45 with shipping. Not bad.

They have a lot of these [McCall's mostly] on their site, and I think they are well worth it. My next purchase though, is a Sears catalog, probably 50's. Those I have only found on ebay, and they can get a little expensive, but again probably well worth it. They have about 1000 pages! Of course that's not all clothes, but I'd like to flip through the toy section, too.

Here they are:

And a few pages from each:


My favorite is the green and black dress on the right page.

I also want this hair (after a year of having a shaved head, I am growing it out.) It needs to get pretty long before I can do those pin curls though.


I want these.


This article is about how she is going to perform for the USO and can only pack 55 pounds of luggage. She brings: "[. . .] two long sequin gowns to the knees, and guaranteed whistle bait. Four short sequin dresses. A strapless brocade affair. Slippers of transparent Vinylite. Grey flannel men's pants. Silk-lined cashmere sweater by Mainbocher. Tropical uniforms. Oh--and lingerie."

I just love women in tailored mannish suits.

Aaaaand 1950's

I'm gonna need to make a coat like this one. None of mine fit around all of my pouffy dresses.

I really like the neckline of the blue dress. The one where the woman looks like she is filing her nails. Sorry it's small. Just click on the image and it'll get a bit bigger for your viewing pleasure.

So if I could just have 30's hair, 40's shoes, and 50's dresses, that'd be my style. I think it will mix well? We'll check back in a year when my hair is longer, and my fat feet can fit into a pair of high heels. I have tailor's bunions and need surgery. Bad.