Wednesday, December 19, 2007


While I am on the subject of shorpy pics...

This girl reminds me of me when I was young

I always had short hair, and I definitely had a pair of those pinstripe overalls. (I wanted to be like my grandpa, he wore those almost every day)

Man, I was such a tomboy. Swimming in creeks, climbing trees, catching bugs, building forts, and a treehouse in the walnut tree (with the help of my dad of course) and then having walnut fights (you know, when the nuts aren't ripe at all, and still have that green fuzzy layer on them), getting leeches, ticks, poison ivy, nettles, riding bikes on the country roads after it rains, cussing, spitting, reenacting scenes from Stand By Me with the railroad tracks that ran through the creek... It is interesting that I have grown up to design clothes that are really feminine and girly.

Although I do remember, I think in second or third grade, every Tuesday being "dress up" day with my 3 best friends (the ones I would go to the creek with after school). So for one day a week at least, we kept our girlishness. Maybe that is the part that actually stuck with me, but so did the short hair.

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ashley0107 said...

Sounds like you had great fun as a kid. Stand by me has to one of my favourite films :)
Ashley x