Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween...

About a week ago my roommate asked me to make her a Halloween costume of one of her characters: a lizard. So we bought some felt, fleece, a couple of buttons, and some thread, and I set to work. Periodically I would try the costume on myself just to make sure the spikes were staying up, and that the eyeballs were big enough, and found myself laughing at the costume in the mirror. It is pretty funny, you'll see...

The costume I made brought one of her characters to life, and they had everything a GUBBA character would have: a pocket, big eyeballs, liver spots, cuteness, and of course everything cool.

I am pretty proud of my first good costume. I was going to try and make another one of her characters for myself, but I didn't have much time. Maybe next year.

Here is the GUBBA LIZARD in her natural habitat: (Another fine video from Mikey)


Rich said...

This is hilarious! Gubba makes a fine lizard. She blends into the elements so well that I almost didn’t see her. The eyeballs, spikes and tail are perfect. Great job!

djmaneone said...

bravo sugardale
bravo gubba
mikey for that video