Sunday, October 7, 2007

Music and Technology Fashion Show

This little video was made by Michael James Armstrong. It's of the Music and Technology fashion show. So if you weren't there this does better than pictures to show you how cool it was.

It was a really fun night. My models and I got our hair and makeup professionally done (well, I just got my hair sprayed black, since my head is shaved, but yeah). We looked so good together with the same make up and the black a white dresses, and record hats and purses.

A fashion show is such a great climax as well. I spent a month-almost nonstop-making patterns, dresses, fitting models, hand-sewing belts, making purses, gluing hats together, brainstorming how to actually get my hat to stay on my head,fixing mistakes, stressing, staying up late, waking up early for work. Not to mention the fashion show day itself: making lists that include: nail polish, safety pins, a scrap of fabric (for covering made-up faces when the dresses go on), shoes, purses, hats, deoderant, snacks, etc. Then getting hair done, which by the way, Travis from Salon Tonic did a great job on Shelby's pin curls, and Chyna's 60's back comb. Anyway, after all the preparation, the fashion show is such a treat. Then after the show, getting such a great response from friends, family, and strangers, is really cool.

So if you couldn't make it, too bad, but watch the video and let me know what you think.


Kung Fu Pimp said...

You outdid yourself. Great job!

stormko said...

I like your make-up. It brought your eyes out well and works good with the short hair.

60s Chyna...oooo hah hah hahhhhhh
[lighting strikes as I rub my hands]

: P