Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween...

About a week ago my roommate asked me to make her a Halloween costume of one of her characters: a lizard. So we bought some felt, fleece, a couple of buttons, and some thread, and I set to work. Periodically I would try the costume on myself just to make sure the spikes were staying up, and that the eyeballs were big enough, and found myself laughing at the costume in the mirror. It is pretty funny, you'll see...

The costume I made brought one of her characters to life, and they had everything a GUBBA character would have: a pocket, big eyeballs, liver spots, cuteness, and of course everything cool.

I am pretty proud of my first good costume. I was going to try and make another one of her characters for myself, but I didn't have much time. Maybe next year.

Here is the GUBBA LIZARD in her natural habitat: (Another fine video from Mikey)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Music and Technology Fashion Show

This little video was made by Michael James Armstrong. It's of the Music and Technology fashion show. So if you weren't there this does better than pictures to show you how cool it was.

It was a really fun night. My models and I got our hair and makeup professionally done (well, I just got my hair sprayed black, since my head is shaved, but yeah). We looked so good together with the same make up and the black a white dresses, and record hats and purses.

A fashion show is such a great climax as well. I spent a month-almost nonstop-making patterns, dresses, fitting models, hand-sewing belts, making purses, gluing hats together, brainstorming how to actually get my hat to stay on my head,fixing mistakes, stressing, staying up late, waking up early for work. Not to mention the fashion show day itself: making lists that include: nail polish, safety pins, a scrap of fabric (for covering made-up faces when the dresses go on), shoes, purses, hats, deoderant, snacks, etc. Then getting hair done, which by the way, Travis from Salon Tonic did a great job on Shelby's pin curls, and Chyna's 60's back comb. Anyway, after all the preparation, the fashion show is such a treat. Then after the show, getting such a great response from friends, family, and strangers, is really cool.

So if you couldn't make it, too bad, but watch the video and let me know what you think.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A few designs

Hey, wanna see some stuff I've made? O.K., let's look...

I won the Golden Scissors Award at the Mesa College fashion show for this wool suit (nice blue ribbon. that's right).

Here are a couple designs from my Nouveau Cru collection:

Can you tell I like suits? This one is modeled by GUBBA.

I wanted to wear something new for my boyfriend's art show, so I made this in just two days.

This is one of my favorites. I improved upon the pattern I had made for the green and white striped dress by making the skirt fuller. Now I can put a petticoat under it to give it a good 1950's silhouette.

So, that's it for now. I have some more designs that need to be photographed, plus pictures from the "Music and Technology" fashion show, which is less than a day from now. Stay tuned, I'll be right back.